Crazy Ass Sprite shorts is up & Goom the Goomba

2009-08-26 04:08:13 by DarkAlfa

Just a new invenshun of mine. Go look.

Another thing I wanna tell ya is that I'm trying for a series, Goom the Goomba. "In-fucking-genious, I know" is how he himself describes his name, anyway, but it won't be done anytime soon, just a heads up.

New flash! Ultra's architecture

2009-06-17 14:49:46 by DarkAlfa

Well, yep, haven't submitted anything in a while, but I swear I'm doing a big ass collab with a buncha friends that won't disappoint you. In the meantime, here's a shortie for you all! Ultra's architecture!

Mario Shorts has been up nao!

2008-05-28 10:08:43 by DarkAlfa

Tha's right, search for Mario Shorts and you'll see the submission! I hope you like it.

Well gaiz, angry faic! <3

2008-03-17 19:55:50 by DarkAlfa

Haha! Just kidding. I'm no 1337 or noobish.
Well, I just made another flash, better than my first one. Just thought you'd like to know =D